Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kecekalan dan Kesabaran

Selamat Pagi dan Salam Sejahtera.
Setelah sekian lama saya tidak menulis di halaman blog peribadi saya hari ini terpanggil untuk berkongsi sedikit pendapat dari seorang insan biasa.Seringkali kita sebagai manusia diuji dengan pelbagai cubaan di arena kehidupan duniawi yang fana ini.Kenapa kita diuji?Diuji dengan pelbagai ujian kegagalan, kecewaan, keraguan, kepiluan dan kehilangan insan tersayang.Apakah Tuhan tidak adil kerana kita diuji dengan musibah?Tuhan Maha Adil.Dia tidak pernah melakukan kesilapan demi kesempurnaan Sang Maha Esa.Kadang kala kita cemburu melihat sang kaya makin kaya dan mengasihani  sang miskin yang makin miskin dan ditindas.Kita lihat Sang berkuasa ingin menguasai sang lemah umpama lembu yang dicucuk hidungnya dan sang ditindis bagaikan anjing yang ingin menggigit jari tuannya.Apakah ini adalah keadilan sejagat dan masyarakat madani?Lidah yang tidak bertulang sudah tidak dijaga dan dikawal demi ketuhanan kepada nafsu.yDimanakah pertimbangan kita sebagai insan yang rasional?Kenapakah fenomena ini berlaku di muka bumi tanah air kita yang majoritinya umat Islam ?Apakah Tuhan itu zalim kerana membenarkan semua kejadian tidak sihat berlaku di negara kita?Dimanakah nilai insan dan ihsan sesama manusia?Sebenarnya setiap yang berlaku didalam  dunia ini adalah dinamakan sunnatullah.Maksud sunnatullah secara ringkasnya adalah percaturan ilahi terhadap segala kejadian di alam kosmos ini menurut ketentuanNya.Segala kebaikan dan keburukan dinamakan Qadar iaitu kuasa mutlak ilahi terhadap apa yang diinginkan terjadi kepada makhluk ciptaanNya.Oleh itu kita sentiasa disuruh untuk bersangka baik kepadaNya atau istilah moden berfikiran positif dan terbuka.Sebagai insan kita hanya mampu mengubah Qada iaitu usaha sedaya upaya dengan penuh kecekalan dan kesabaran dalam menghadapi cabaran kehidupan dunia yang fana ini.Percayalah kepada potensi yang ada pada diri kita sendiri.Selalulah kita bertanya diri kita 2 Soalan mudah.1.Siapa Diri Kita 2.Apakah matlamat hidup kita.Yakinlah pada Sang Maha Esa.Janganlah kita lupa siapa diri kita walau dimana kita berada di muka bumi tuhan ini.Selagimana kita mengingatinya pada setiap waktu dalam apa jua keadaan mustahil untuk dia melupakan diri kita.namun sebagai insan kita wajib mengakui kelemahan kita diwaktu solat berzikir dan berdoa kepadaNya tetapi Janganlah kita bersikap lemah terhadap cabaran dan ujian kehidupan.Hadapilah dengan kecekalan kesabaran dan penuh rasa tawakkal kepadaNya.Wallahuallam.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why we should always asking why in our life?

I may not a great man fullfil with a lot of achievement but I growing up by doing mistakes.Yes there were time I was obsessed and crazy with something that I don't know.Yes I was obsessed with my own religion.Of course nobody is going to hell and everyone expecting to be accepted by His God.Nothing wrong by learning about religion matters to enhance our believe but make sure learned from the right person.

In my experience,the best option is to be moderate.Just do what we have strong faith in and follow the mainstream.Always asked our heart and soul.The most important thing is we must know ourself and our limit.Make sure we don't learned religion from BULLSHIT teacher because it will jeopordise your life and good will.When we made mistakes do not regret but always asked why this thing happened.Forgive ourself.

Herewith I will disclosed some fact about Bullshit Religious Teacher:

1.He always underestimate others
2.He think he has all the superiority to control the whole nature
3.He loves to point fingers to other
4.He claimed that He is the Al-Mehdi and Al-Khaidir
5.He claimed that He is the representative of Prophet SAW
6.He has subversive minded,always encourged his follower to go against the nature.

be careful with this kind of teacher because they may have personal conflict and interest to against you.Towards to the extend you could loose yourself and they will use the "magic" to control your subconcious mind..The game he plays is very soft in front of you but in a way he is destroying your credibility and self confidence.Be careful and never fooled by Bullshit religious teacher.

If you are ever trapped by this kind of people,make sure you pray to Allah SWT to forgive your mistakes.Do not be regret to all the sins of your past.Always Istighfar(asking to be forgive by God).Remember we all going to met Allah when we die,when our heart stop working.The purpose of religion is to improve the mankind by physically,mentally spritually and emotionally.The Guru of all Guru is Prophet Muhammad SAW.However we live 1432 years after his migration from Mecca to Medina.Due to time span,a lot of changes happen through the time.The challenge were different.The most important value is to have faith in ourself and listen to our heart.Our Soul never lie.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Muslim Reading Only:Al-Mehdi attacked Putrajaya?He is the fake al-Mahdi

In The Name Of Allah,The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Yesterdays,we were shocked by a weird man who attacked JPM,Putrajaya.He was shot death by the Police after he make chaos and agression there.Last night I tried to do my private investigation of  who was that guy.I was informed that he is a person who was obsessed with some wali songo's mystical path and few alquran verse.Probably that was the reason why he became insane and humiliate others.

Al-Mehdi is very sensitive name among muslim all over the world.Eventhough Al-Mehdi is extremely fierced by the jewish(zionist).The Zionist believe that Al-Mehdi and The Messiah are the  person who can defeat their 'great civilization' nowadays.But the question is Is that Guy the Real Al-Mehdi?Rationally he is not Al-Mehdi because the real Al-Mehdi is God's secret.It is like when you try to translate Alif,Lam,Mim...There are a lot of assumption but the accurate meaning only belong to God.Same as Al-Mehdi's story.

I came across to jot down my thought due to some personal knowledge and experiences on this particular chapter,Why he did self proclaimed Al-Mehdi?I believe that this person has been involved or influenced by any mystical experience.Yes of course,We have heard about the story of  past awliya(Muslim Piousman) who educate society about Islam in the past through mystical movement(My decendent is connected to Hj Yusuf Kenali or famous as Tok Kenali of Kelantan through my father's side).Yes there are people who really obsessed by learning the mystical path eventhough it is not compulsary for civilian to learn the mysitcal path.If we look at our history,how and why we are muslim especialy Malay who lives and reside in Malaysia.Of course because our parents are muslim.(Muslim is those who say and believed that there is no God but Allah,Muhamad is God Advocate).

The problem is when an ordinary person try to learn and understand about mystical path,it is compulsary to have some one to teach.Mystical knowledge is not like engineering course in the university but it could engineered your heart and soul to be a good gentleman if you learned from the right person.(The Teacher's sanad must be connected from generation to generation until Prophet Muhammad S.A.W)It is normal in those days our grandfathers practiced mystical knowledge of Islam to enhance their soul against all the odds eg colonisation and so on.Time has changed and  we may forget about cause the strength of the past.However,when a person practising mystical path without guidance,he will curse himself.He will jeopordise himself.Towards to the extreme level,he will proclaimed himself as Al-Mehdi.

Al Mehdi never claimed he is the A l Mehdi because Only Allah s.w.t knows who and where is AL-Mehdi.A real Mehdi cannot be killed by any kind of black magic or physical weapon because he will die naturally by will of Allah and Al-Mehdi will visualised himself by will of Allah SWT for the sake of his accepted religion.He has arabic letter on his forhead naratting ALLAH in arabic.What happened now in our country is  because our brother muslim is quarelling and fighting each other due to clash of ideology.Towards to the extend it would lead to brotherhhood war and bloodshed .It is the time for all muslim to be united regardless whatever path you are,wahabissm or sufism or tabligh, syiah or ahlil sunnah wal jumaah,we came from the same God and The Same God Advocate. We have Al-Quran and AlSunnah who guide us to the universal unity.Accept the difference and forgive the past ignorance.It's time to reunite for the sake of our religion and future of Muslim as an ummah..Forget about the clashed of ideology.Let us unite for the goodwill of Allah SWT.We must save our religion from being jeopordise by those who hates our religion.Forget all the prejudice and stigma.We are muslim and we are all brothers.Respect the older and love the younger.May Allah SWT blessed us.


Friday, July 6, 2012

The Limitless-It is real

I wonder if any of you have watch this movie.It is a movie about a youngman who is depressed with his work,non-performing attitutude,being dumped by his girlfriend.He met his collegemate and managed to find solution for himself,NZ48-an antipsycotic drugs that stimulate mankind mental arithmetics.(The drugs is banned due to law).He gained himself from ultimately depressed young man writer to successful senator candidate.I may not film critique but I just want to share a moral lesson from the film.Never GIVE UP.We live in modern era whereas everybody could communicate effectively using the modern gadget such as iPhone,BB and So on.We have seen people has evolvely change.The world is moving revolutely faster.But we stil have 24 hours a day,12 months and 365 days a year.The volume of time never changed.It all about how we manage our time.How we plan our task better.Some people said future is hope.For me,future is today and it is an option.Some people said well you are lucky man growing up in silver spoon.For the are some one who growing up in Platinum spoon.Life is all about being ourself.For the past 1 year and 4 months,I have not involving in much business activity since I want to lerned deeply about humankind.Fortunately I found and met many helping people who help me to bring out my true potential.A good thing I learned"do not expect to find heaven if you do not know who you are.Knowing who you are is more important than any university degree that we have.Welcome back ! Mr.Mohd Mukhzani Abdul Manaf

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reality vs fantasy

In my life,I have faced many uncertain circumstances.And today,I have found the solution of all the great things happened.It is due to our fate.Good and bad things from Allah s.w.t since we are the best mankind.We will be safe,secure in whatever things we do as long as we keep Al-Quran and Hadiths.InsyaAllah

Thursday, October 8, 2009

TSM:The Black Warrior

When I was a young boy,I dare to dream.Dream and hope to Almighty.Being a daring person normally will create either into two situation,either winning situation or losing situation.Sometime neither winning nor losing situation.As time goes by,growing up step by step,I face challenge.Fighting is always for reason.Some funny guys called me The Rebellious Boy But Some good boys called me The Changer.I happy with whatever people called me because I know Who knows me better who is my Creator.The bad time is not an option but is an oppurtunity that is granted by our Creator to achieve a better life now,tomorrow and hereafter.Of course,nobody love to be heavily critisized but when we read the history of The Chief of All Leader,Prophet Muhammad S.A.W,he had been heavily critisized by his own family and his community at the early stage of spreading the one and only religion that is granted by Allah,Islam.I am OKAY and Great Things I really Understand,I know WHO really I am.Give Thanks to Allah S.W.T